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Introducing the next generation wearable smartphone for healthier, safer families.

More than a just phone, CloudPhone 3G is a cloud based smart care system that constantly monitors your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

It’s the perfect companion for the oldest and youngest members of your family.

CloudPhone 3G is revolutionizing how we care. Join us today.


Voice Control Dialing

Use natural speech to call family or call for help. Just press the button and say who you want to call. It’s so easy!

‘Call my daughter’ ‘Call a taxi’ ‘I need help!’

Talk to anyone in seconds, it’s how smarter families connect!


Lifestyle Analytics

Discover illness before disaster strikes! CloudPhone 3G monitors your loved one’s physical activity and provides powerful insight into their health.

See the real impact of changes in care, medication, or behaviour on physical activity.

Prevent small health problems from growing into big ones!

lifestyle analytics

Safe Path Monitoring

Perfect for keeping loved ones safe while travelling to and from school or regular events.

Receive notifications when your loved ones arrive safely at their destination or if they leave the approved path.

Unlike regular GPS, Safe Path even works indoors.

cloudphne safe path monitoring

Fall & Motion Detection

Bad things happen fast. Timely intervention is critical, but what if Mom can’t reach her phone?

CloudPhone 3G phone is worn all the time, even in the shower. It detects falls or a lack of motion, and asks the wearer ‘Are you ok?’

If they’re not ok, it calls for help and shares its location.

cloudphne on lanyard

One Touch Family Calls

Now everyone can talk to grandma... at the same time!

CloudPhone 3G creates instant conference calls with your whole family! It’s as easy as pressing a button.

Use it to talk and share as a family, or to coordinate a response in an emergency.

cloudphne family call

Features Overview

not a gadget

More than just a gadget

It's a specialized smartphone. Open the box & it's ready to use, no fiddly configuration.

voice controls

Voice Controlled Dialing

Use natural speech to say who you want to call, like 'call mom' or 'call a taxi'. Talk to anyone in seconds!

lifestyle analytics

Advanced Lifestyle Analytics

Discover illness before disaster strikes! Get powerful insight into your family's health.

safe path monitoring

Safe Path Monitoring

Create travel routes & receive notification when your loved ones arrive home safely.

fall & motion

Fall & motion detection

Detects falls & lack of motion. Asks 'Are you ok?' & calls for help if they're not.


Waterproof + Long Battery

10 day battery life & a hassle free charging dock.

Shipping mid 2014

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ongoing fees for the service for pre-ordered devices will be $20 per month (no contract) as a 'thankyou' for preordering. This will be honored for as long as the service is maintained. It will include at least 20 minutes of voice calls from the device, and all mobile data needed to monitor falls, location, and physical location.
Ongoing fees for units purchased after our commercial launch will cost around $30 per month. We're also working on some bundle options that will make multiple device ownership more affordable.
No! CloudPhone is not a Bluetooth dongle - it’s a standalone cellular phone, designed to be awesome for the elderly and young kids.
No, CloudPhone requires 2G, 3G, or 3.5G network coverage. The good news is that we’re using a high sensitivity antenna, and it will generally work even with weak network coverage.
You’ll receive the CloudPhone 3G in the mail. No assembly or configuration of the device is required. Just press the button to turn it on. It will need to be charged at for at least 12 hours prior to use.

When you receive it, we’ll give instructions to login to our website and activate the service. You’ll be prompted to supply or import the relevant information. Once you click 'Activate', the CloudPhone is active and working. You do not need to be in physical possession of the device to activate, so you can buy it for your grandparents, and set it up from home.

You need to have either a Credit Card or an approved PayPal account to activate your account.
Yes. Each CloudPhone is a fully functioning cellular phone. We supply you with the SIM card, each device is configured to work specifically with our Cloud Platform.

CloudPhone 3G is only available in USA, UK, and Australia. SIM cards will be supplied for these regions.
No, not at this stage. Our system is configured to work specifically with the SIM card we supply you. BYO is something we are considering, but have no immediate plans to do it. Allowing people to use whatever SIM card complicates the system quite a lot, and our mantra is keep it simple.
Contact numbers and other personal information can be updated via the companion smartphone application or via our website.
Call handling from the device is done in real time via our cloud platform. We make sure a call from a CloudPhone is ALWAYS connected to a human. If you miss a call, our system keeps trying different numbers (you’ve nominated) until someone else answers. We recommend you set a 911 / 999 / 000 or a managed service provider as your contact of last resort.

Cloud based call handling also means you can do cool stuff like ‘swipe to add’ people to existing calls (up to 5), and create rules based on time and location, like 'between 1am & 5am, call 911 not me!'

For information about how we handle your data and what happens to it, check out the Privacy FAQ's.
Yes. The device works without Voice Control. If you disable it, the device will always create a family conference call and share its location whenever the button is pressed.

This is much simpler, but a little less flexible. Great for Grandma if she doesn’t like fussing around, and just wants to use it to talk to you and live safely.
At launch, you will be able to call someone by referring to their name (first and/or surname), their relationship to you (e.g. son/daughter), or by a special title or key word (e.g. doctor).

You can also create a conference call with voice. You create a call group (e.g. My Family) and nominated the members. Then when the user says ‘call my family’, a call to the whole family is created and whoever is available will join the conversation.

This is also a useful method of creating a ‘panic word’ like ‘help’. If the wearer presses it and says ‘I need help’ everyone is connected in an instant conference and the location of the wearer is shared with the family.

In future, we expect to have a range of commands available for more advanced users like safety call backs, and voice to text messages.
You control how it works. If it doesn’t understand, it will tell the wearer and suggest the most likely fit. You can set it to ask the wearer to repeat their instruction, or have it automatically call you or another nominated number.
It’s the feature we’re most excited about! It measures a range of activity information to help you and your loved one better understand their health.

If your grandmother gets a new doctor or changes medication- would you like to know if she was healthier or worse off? No more guessing.

What if her doctor sets a fitness plan to help her recover from an injury? Has she been getting out enough lately? Perhaps something is wrong. CloudPhone gives you and her the tools she needs to live better.

Plus, if you save medication and other information in the application we’ll send you regular reminders to help keep it up to date.

The tools you see in the video are just the start.
CloudPhone uses a multi-axis accelerometer, altimeter and other smart sensors to detect falls and motion.
It’s been designed to take the hassle out of regular travel. It works great to and from school. Other regular events like weekly shopping or travel for medical care, regular social outings or even regular exercise or circuits.
Yes. It will work whether you have cell coverage and there are WiFi hotspots around (you don’t need to connect to the hotspot, they just have to be around). This means it works very well in urban environments like shopping malls.
Yes. The blue LED pulses constantly when it’s sharing location. This cannot be disabled.
Yes. The account holder can partially or totally disable location sharing. For example, you may set the CloudPhone to only share it’s location during an emergency event, or you might elect to have it share it’s location periodically throughout the day. Or you might disable location sharing entirely. It’s up to you.
No. The service works just fine without it.

We’ve made it possible to securely save this information because in our own families, we have real problems remembering and keeping track of our grandparent’s medications, allergies, ailments and the like.

In an emergency, the companion application lets you share it instantly and securely with paramedics or other first responders. The link it generates automatically expires after 3 hours, so you don’t have to share login information or worry about people snooping later.

The only information required to use the service is names, email addresses, and contact numbers of the people you want to have the CloudPhone to call or notify.
This is all the information you provide us that personally describes you. Phone numbers, names, date of birth etc. Anything that can be used to work out who you are. We use this information to deliver and manage the service. We will not sell it to third parties, or use it for any other reason than to provide you with great service. You can delete it at anytime. This is just a summary of our privacy policy, we take it very seriously.

Where will it be stored?
Your personal data will be kept in your country of origin. If you register from the US, your data will remain in the US, likewise if you’re an Aussie, it stays down-under. Each region has its own instance of our software, hosted in local datacentres. Personal data will not be shared or moved between regions.

We use a reputable US based email provider to manage external communications, such as automated ‘alert’ notifications. Name, email address and your notification preferences will be physically stored in datacentres in the US.

What will we do with it?
We use it to deliver a personalised service to you and your family. Such as who’s calling, what their contact details are, and whether to display options relevant to an older person or a child. You decide when and to whom your information is shared, the application gives you complete control. That’s it, nothing tricky. As mentioned before, we will not sell your personal information to third parties.

Can you delete it?
Yes. In the unlikely event that you want to your account deleted, just let us know you want it gone and we’ll permanently delete your information.
Our device and software may collect location information from GPS, Cell tower, and WiFi hotspots. This can be disabled and managed via your account preferences. We only ever collect location information to support your use of the service, we do not collect it without your explicit permission. The device DOES NOT constantly share its location with you. It shares only when you set it to do so. The following describes how we handle your location information.

Where does it live?
We store identifiable location information reported by the device in your country of origin. It’s kept for a maximum of 72hrs. We use a highly reputable US based 3rd party service to assist in working out where the device is. They do not retain the information, they process it and send it back to us.

What will we do with it?
Location information is securely shared with your family via our software for a number of reasons that you will configure.

As part of an emergency alert we share the real-time location of the device for 3 hours. After this time, tracking automatically stops and current and historical location is hidden.

Our Safe Path route monitoring collects location info during the periods you set it to be active. As above, during the active period you can see the location of the device via your account. 3 hours after the end of this tracking period, the historical location information is hidden.

As an account holder, you may also poll the device remotely. This information is handled in the same way as an emergency alert- collected for 3 hours then stopped unless polled again.
If you are buying a CloudPhone for use by a child aged 13 or under located in the US, we need your explicit consent to collect personal and location information about the child. This consent will be captured when you activate your device. Additionally, you must have a valid credit card which we will charge for $1.00 at the time of activation, to prove that you are an adult capable of providing consent. These actions are necessary to comply with US law.